Root canal treatment

A root canal treatment or an endodontic treatment is a procedure whereby the nerve tissue from within your tooth is removed to help preserve your tooth. An Endodontic therapy would then be the removal of necrotic nerve tissue from the tooth canals and then filling the canal space with a permanent filling material.

Although one hears about a root canal treatment and thinks of it as being a painful procedure, it is generally painless if done properly. Millions of people have undergone a root canal and, because of this, still have their tooth. Also, the pain from an infected tooth dissipates, and the structure and the contents of the tooth are healthy again. I am equipped with all the latest endodontic equipment and materials to ensure that your root canal treatment will be a pleasant experience.

The entire procedure takes place in two sittings, sometimes one depending on the severity of the decay and whether the tooth is infected. Sometimes, the decay can be so deep that an abscess forms. This issue needs to be addressed first before I begin the procedure.

Consider a dental check-up for a root canal when:

A root canal treatment is done to mostly save your tooth, which would otherwise need to be removed. The main purpose of this procedure is to treat deep cavities or revaluate the tooth after a filling. All the bacteria are carefully removed from the existing tooth, after which the cavity is sterilised and filled with a sealant.

After a successful root canal treatment, you will be able to eat better without any pain; your tooth will be restored to its appearance and undergo very little strain.