Dental Implants

The placement of dental implants to replace missing teeth, or a tooth, has created a phenomenal treatment option. Major dental advances have been done in the treatment of dental implants, and many patients have never looked back on the success of their implants.

Basically, a dental implant is like a screw, embedded into your jaw bone, and then a crown or cap is placed on top of the screw. In order for this ‘screw’ to be embedded onto your jaw bone, one needs to have enough bone structure to hold the screw tight. That is the reason to first come see a prosthodontist to assess firstly your history of why you have lost the tooth or teeth, then examine your bite, and then to check for enough bone. If however, there is not enough bone, don’t worry, because there are procedures to augment, or replace lost bone. But all these need to be assessed by a prosthodontist first.

Dental implants has provided patient with an option of having an artificial tooth in the mouth on a permanent basis. So if you are tired of wearing dentures that need to be taken in and out of your mouth, dental implant placement with a fixed structure anchored on the implant would be an option for you.