Dentures, False Teeth

If you have many teeth missing, and the option of placing dental implants seems to be expensive for you, then the placement of ‘false teeth’ or dentures may be the best option for you. If dentures are made properly, they may give you a very good option improving your self-esteem. Dentures are basically removable false teeth, which are supported by the gums and teeth. Dentures may replace all of your teeth, called a Complete denture, either for the top jaw, or bottom jaw; or Dentures may replace only a few teeth, these are Partial dentures, which may be made from plastic (acrylic) or metal (chrome cobalt).

A Complete lower denture is always difficult for a patient to wear. It is for that reason that a denture may be worn on top of two implants placed on the lower jaw. The lower denture may then be clipped in and out for support, retention and stability.