Complex fillings

When a large amount of tooth has been destroyed, the best option would be to place a crown or cap on it. However, some teeth, especially the teeth that are completely broken down, may be saved with the aid of pins or posts in the root.

It is possible to save teeth that have completely broken away to the gum line, to be saved with the use of more advanced filling materials. The type of filling materials used, such as composites, look the same colour as your original and adjacent teeth. When more than one tooth has been broken down by decay in your mouth, you may be a candidate to have a complete rehabilitation on your mouth.

It is for that reason that you are advised to come see me in order to completely study your mouth, with a bite and dynamics of your jaw, and treat you for a complete makeover.

The use of veneers may also be considered as a complex filling material as it is very difficult to place veneers with the correct shading and contouring for your individual mouth.